A word from the CEO

I count myself lucky to have followed in my father's footsteps, and to have had the opportunity to both perpetuate and develop this magnificent family history. I am delighted to say that we have as much passion for our profession today as when we first st

Deeply devoted to the quality of our products, to innovation and to sustainable development, we have recently built a partnership in Ecuador to supply the very finest cocoa that you can now enjoy in some of our exclusive recipes.

In 2015, a love of coffee took over our hearts. We are always thinking of you, the lover of fine products, when we seek out new flavours. It is for you that we select the green coffee beans which will be roasted in line with the purest of traditions. You are always at the very heart of what we do.

All our teams act as true artisans of flavour, combining diligence with a zeal for their craft. At every level, quality feeds on our passion and informs our ongoing pursuit of excellence. Is it not true that anything made with love will outlive us all?

Thank you for contributing to the dynamism and sustainability of our quest for quality.

Nicolas Bihler

Nicolas Bihler, PDG
CD Group