Goldkenn was founded in Geneva (Switzerland), on the shores of Lake Geneva, in 1980, and has been based in Le Locle (Switzerland) since 2011, a UNESCO world heritage city known throughout the world for its watchmaking industry, located in the heart of the legendary Watch Valley.
Goldkenn is a Swiss chocolate brand, a forerunner in the worldwide Duty Free market thanks to its famed Goldkenn® gold bullion bar, studded with pralines.This Goldbar, unique in the industry, was created to unite two of Switzerland's most powerful symbols: chocolate and banking. A perfect replica of a 12.5 kg gold bullion bar, this bestseller has made Goldkenn the mainstay of an impressive number of airports across the world for over thirty years to date.
Innovative, whilst upholding the traditions of Switzerland's master chocolatiers, Goldkenn has been able, across the years, to reinvented itself by commercialising the range of products which now form the GOLD Collection.
Since its dizzying success on the Duty Free markets, Goldkenn has won numerous prizes for its innovative packaging, and has distinguished itself, in particular, by the care taken in choosing and selecting the ingredients used in the recipes for its chocolates.

Following its desire to move away from conventional chocolate by offering new and innovative products, Goldkenn has entered into partnerships with the major spirits brands and distilleries, creating the Swiss Chocolate Liqueur Collection which offers consumers a sumptuous mix of the finest Swiss chocolate and liqueurs.
Proud of its roots, Goldkenn is one of the few Swiss chocolate brands to feature the Swiss Made label on its product, which attests to the Swiss origins and expertise boasted by all its creations.

Traditional Swiss chocolate with a hint of modernity

Today Goldkenn works with major international spirit brands such as Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Whiskey, Rémy Martin®, Amarula®, Beluga®, Cointreau®, Grand Marnier®, Saint-James® and Williamine® Morand. Every Goldkenn® product is created and manufactured in Switzerland.

To ensure the highest quality, Goldkenn only uses exceptional ingredients for its products, which have been carefully selected and rigorously checked. Chocolate lovers can explore the various ranges, discovering delicious recipes which will delight the most discerning sweet tooth. As its image and the quality of its products is of the greatest importance to Goldkenn, consumer feedback is encouraged so that the company can develop new products which fulfil their desires. Goldkenn's bold and innovative chocolate ideas differ from conventional chocolate, appealing to both children and adults and evolving in line with current trends.


Founded in 1980

Description : Chocolates confection